You Again

Do you like watching a comedy movie where there is endless laughter?  Then, you should get a copy of the movie You Again.  It is hilarious!

Imagine your worst enemy who had tormented you for at least four years, on the verge of becoming an in-law family member through a marriage. This movie is just like that, where Kristin Bell’s Marni, who had spent her entire high school life under the bullying radar of Joanna (Odette Yustman), realizes her one time nemesis is poised to become her sister-in-law. So the question now is, do you intervene at this juncture to throw the wedding off by telling everyone what a mean person she is, or do you adopt the forgive and forget approach?

Will you just let go and forget what had happened after 4 years of being tormented and welcome her in your family with open arms? Are you willing to risk your family when all you wanted is for her to say sorry and yet she pretended she didn’t know you? Watch the movie and see the twists and turns of events.

One thing is for sure, I am glad we don’t have bullies in school that I came from. I am glad that I was also popular that I didn’t have problems at school at all.

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